Monday, 16 April 2012

What to expect in RBI policy?

There are many who almost always hope that RBI may pull a rabbit out of its hat and markets will never have to worry about macro bull shit issues again. They buy bank stocks, probably the worst performing ones to get full bang for the buck, and bankex futures and on the policy day they begin to chant subba subba subah subah. The evenings are much different. They learn few more things about economy and headwinds that face the economy, and in the end they happily sacrifice their money bag dreams on the altar of growth inflation dynamics.

The process repeats itself in next policy.

Central bank in India doesnt have the luxury to give markets anything more than the bare essential. Its hands are tied with inefficient yet populist government, corrupt yet ambitious businesses, lazy yet vocal critics, high maintenance yet essential foreign capital flows etc etc.

I guess nifty will soon break its 5180 resistance

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